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Since 1988 Abercrombie Landscaping Inc. has been the premier source for Sod, Landscape Installation, Design Services, Hardscapes and more around the Cumming & Alpharetta areas of Georgia. Building a business around customer service, innovation and low prices has kept Abercrombie Landscaping Inc. as one of the top landscaping services in the south. We invite you to call us for a free estimate or quote comparison today. 678.947.9862

Landscape Design
The best landscapes start on paper. Learn what is involved in having your own customized lanscape plan before you begin planting.
Landscape Installation
Let us do the heavy lifting. Just sit back as we install your beautiful new landscape.
Sod Types & Installation
There is more to sod than you might think. Click here and learn what types will work best for you.
Irrigation can be the difference between a brown lawn and a green lawn. Let us show you how to beat the drought.
Hardscapes not only provide beauty but also work in conjunction with the functionality of your lawn.
Do you need a professional grading service? Look no further, we'll make sure your lawn flows right!
Time to start over and you just don't know where to begin? Let us help in your next landscape renovation.
Outdoor Living
Wether it's the 4th of July or just sitting out back on a Friday night, outdoor living can bring peace to your life.

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Drainage problems? We offer solutions.

Do you have large pools or puddles of standing water on your property? Are you replacing soil and grass that have eroded during a heavy storm? Then you have a drainage issue. Every year, backyards turn into lakes causing expensive repairs to patios, pools, and lawns. This can negatively impact your property value as well. Any [...]

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